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Mortgage Advice

Finding the right mortgage does not have to be a daunting or difficult process. Many would-be homeowners have resigned themselves to not being able to get a mortgage without even making an enquiry, never mind actually applying for one. The variety of types of mortgages available may be smaller than two years ago, however, there are banks out there who want to lend!

Knowing what products and which lenders are a good fit for your situation is key; so to make the search even easier we'd like to introduce you to Lifetime Planning. Lifetime Planning are an independent financial advisory service, specialising in providing mortgage advice, particularly within the new build sector. We do not have any financial arrangement with, nor do we gain financially from you securing a mortgage via Lifetime Planning.

You can call Lifetime Planning on 0800 43 53 49 or visit for more details of the services available to you.

Useful PDFs

Click here to download "Mortgages Tips and Hints" in PDF format.

Click here to download our new Mortgage Rules leaflet in PDF format.

Click here to find out the documents you are likely to be asked for.

Click here to download 5 steps to boosting your credit rating.

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