Tips on how to present your home for sale

Securing your dream Mactaggart & Mickel Home couldn’t be simpler through our Early Bird Option and Reservation processes, but the next task of selling your existing property can seem pretty overwhelming, as it is for many of our homebuyers especially if they are selling for the first time.

Whether you’re moving from a small apartment or an extensive detached property, with just a small amount of effort there are plenty of simple things that you can do to increase the appeal of your property to prospective buyers – most of them inexpensive and very effective! Remember, your objective is to make your visitor fall in love with your home, picture themselves living there with their own things, and to make sure they get a clear sense of all your home’s best features from the first moment they arrive.

Preparing your home for sale is also the perfect opportunity for a de-clutter and clear-out before your move, and the ideal time to tackle those niggling repairs that never got attended to.

 Click below to download our comprehensive guide with tips ranging from how to improve lighting to how to encourage viewers to explore your home in their own time. Our recommendations are based on our long experience of assisting our clients through every stage of their purchase process, up to and including advice on selling their own property.