Are you making these 6 common home selling mistakes?

When you’ve set your heart on your dream new home, of course the first thing you wish for is an efficient and stress-free experience selling your own home, enabling you to move and also get good value from your sale. Take the right steps early on in the process, do your homework, and you can look forward to a simple and exciting new move.

Based on our long experience of helping our clients to progress their own home sales, here are a few simple pieces of advice on what common mistakes to avoid…

Pricing your home too high. The temptation to maximise your profit is always there, but the simple truth is that, if prospective buyers can get more for their money elsewhere, they will! Make sure you look at comparables in your area, such as on Rightmove and Zoopla, do your research and most of all listen to the advice of your property professionals that are providing their services. Which brings us on to item two…

Not choosing your estate agent carefully! The assistance of a knowledgeable and accredited estate agency can sometime make a world of difference between a quick and gainful sale and one which can end up dragging on for months and accruing additional costs. Make sure you listen to recommendations and read reviews! Click below for a useful guide to what to look out for…

• The number and quality of your photographs. First impressions are everything in grabbing a buyer’s attention and dark, poorly-angled photos are an immediate turn-off. If you are taking photos yourself, pay attention to lighting, use a wide lens to maximise the view of a room and the sense of space and, needless to say, ensure your rooms are clutter-free! Another good tip for a professional appearance is to avoid cutting the feet off furniture in your photos. And lastly, the more images you have available, the greater your chances of drawing a prospective buyer in and capturing their attention.

Not prepping before viewings – When visitors are coming to view your property for themselves, your window of time for them to develop a connection to your home is very short! Make sure there are no distractions such as hanging laundry or dirty dishes, kids toys, muddy outdoor clothes etc. Clear away as much clutter as you can and ensure your home is sparkling from top to bottom with a thorough deep cleaning and dusting.

Step back from emotional attachment and be practical. When you have been in your existing home for a long time, and have many happy memories associated with it, a small part of you will be reluctant to leave! When it comes to receiving an offer on your home that’s not necessarily all you hoped for, make sure you give careful thought to what your priorities are. Are you seeking to maximise your profit at the expense of a realistic and convenient moving date? Be flexible and keep an eye on the bigger picture!

• Over-personalising – put away the family photos and children’s drawings as they can be a big distraction to prospective buyers, preventing them from seeing your home as a blank slate and picturing themselves and their own family living there.

• Not disclosing past problems in your home. It can be tempting to want to conceal any previous issues that have been resolved, but all homes come with a history! Honesty is the best policy – old problems will likely come to light anyway during a survey and having not been up-front will undermine a prospective buyer’s trust and can add a great deal of difficulty to the process. Make sure you take the time to repair and address any items that you know need attention before you start your marketing process.

However, bearing in mind all these “don’ts”, there are also dozens of easy and proactive steps you can take to boost your home’s saleability. Why not take a look at our handy guide to presenting your home for sale?