Consider the potential in small spaces

There are so many benefits to compact living, and the current “decluttering” trend only goes to emphasise how much we really value simplicity and cosiness in our living spaces. Not only that, but smaller homes have a lower carbon footprint, are cheaper to heat and power and it’s also so much easier to create a distinctive style in your design and décor choices.

Here are a few simple things you could consider to realise the potential of all the available space in your home:-
Floor to ceiling bookshelves are an eye-catching and effective way to maximise your vertical storage space – Ikea have a range of customisable and affordable options such as this “Billy” bookcase…

Create multipurpose rooms, if you have the benefit of open-plan living space, such as in our bright and airy 2-bed Oronsay at Carrongrove in Denny, or transform a spare bedroom into a family room, playroom or office such as in our striking 3-bedroom Hughes showhome at Greenan Views in Doonfoot (pictured below). A main bedroom can itself offer great versatility where there is the option to include more elements such as informal seating, a dressing table or a study area.

Low-sitting pieces of furniture such as armchairs and coffee tables both create the illusion of more vertical space and provide a cosier, more relaxing atmosphere to lay back and unwind in the evening! A stylish ottoman also doubles as additional storage…

An often-neglected space in many homes is the space under the stairs – but don’t just picture Harry Potter’s bedroom! There is a good amount of storage area to be utilised by taking advantage of clever stacking and sliding shelving solutions for keeping shoes, winter clothes or even sports equipment. In many Mactaggart & Mickel homes this space is already serving as a convenient, fully-fitted cloakroom, as in the 3-bed Hughes and Bryce homes, available now at Greenan Views and Kelso Gardens.

And finally, don’t forget one of the most simple and effective ways to amplify the sense of space in your living space - large mirrors and reflective surfaces serve to add depth, brightness and interest to a room, as do decorative lighting and uplighters.

Our two- and three-bedroom homes are available at Kelso Gardens in Symington, Greenan Views in Doonfoot, Carrongrove in Denny, Lethington Gardens in Haddington and Stewart Gardens in Malletsheugh and are all finished to equally high specifications as our larger detached family villas. Many are also eligible for Help to Buy (Scotland!)

Our homes also include generous storage space with fitted wardrobes, large windows to maximise natural light, and some feature practical breakfast bars as an addition to their well-equipped kitchens, such as in the beautiful mid-terraced 2-bed Salmon home at Greenan Views (pictured below).