How to add "Coorie" to your home

The Scottish word Coorie, which has long been synonymous with nestling up to a loved one, also embodies a new and increasingly popular trend extending to home styling, fashion, food and lifestyle. Coorie is essentially the Scottish art of deriving comfort, wellbeing and energy from wild landscapes and convivial interiors.

When it comes to interior design, our show homes, in exclusive locations across Scotland, express hints of Coorie in many large and small ways with carefully considered choices of textures, materials and colours. Why not arrange a visit for some Coorie inspiration and to see for yourself the fantastic quality and finish of our homes!

For example, the Lismore show home at our tranquil wooded Carrongrove development makes use of natural textured woollen and faux fur in its master bedroom furnishings, adding touches of warmth, comfort and softness. Traditional woven and knitted fabrics form a key part of Coorie, as do the general durability and craftsmanship present in materials.

The Lismore at Carrongrove

Other natural textures such as tweed, stone and leather can be found throughout our show homes the Burnet at Kelso Gardens, where patterned linens and tweeds form part of the bedroom décor, and the Bryce at Lethington Gardens, which features a striking hallway with walls subtly patterned in a stone grain effect. The dining room of the Bryce also includes a beautiful hand-crafted banquette seating area in mahogany leather.

The Burnet at Kelso Gardens

The Bryce at Lethington Gardens

Coorie-inspired colour palettes can be either bold or muted, but complementary colours derived from nature are particularly suitable, such as the lilac and green of heather which is an influence on the lounge of our beautiful Miller show home at Buchanan Views in rural Killearn. The use of rich greens such as those of mosses and conifers is also a distinct nod towards the natural and wild.

The Miller at Buchanan Views

More overt touches of Scottishness also certainly add to the style, such as tartan, which is used to great effect in a bedroom of our Arran show home at Millerhill in Midlothian.

The Arran at Millerhill

Coorie is a wonderful ethos which traditionally brings warmth and the sense of “huddling up” into a home, but, as our show homes illustrate, it can also serve to add elegant style to bright and open living spaces.

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