Useful resources when selling your home

So you’ve chosen your dream Mactaggart & Mickel home and it’s safely reserved – your next priority of course is to find a buyer for your own property! If you’re new to the process of selling, or you haven’t done it in a long time, we’re here to help make the process as comprehensive and smooth for you as possible.

As well as advice from your knowledgeable Sales Consultant, of course you’ll want to do a bit of research yourself to get a good picture of not just the selling process, but also information about other nearby homes for sale and other property services that are available for you to use.

Here are a few useful resources for you to check out when you’re selling your home:-

The Citizen’s Advice Bureau website is a fantastic place to start, as it offers a very comprehensive and easy to follow overview of all the things you’ll need to do and arrange when selling your home. Their pages include a wealth of information from how to get an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC), to what happens next when you’ve received an offer on your home.

One of your most crucial decisions, of course, will be selecting an estate agent – the key person or team who will provide you with guidance and insight throughout your selling process.

We highly recommend choosing a well-known local agent who knows the area well, rather than using an online service, and to even choose two or three to come and visit and view your property, so you can gain an initial comparison before making your choice.

Your friends, family members and neighbours may also be in a position to advise and recommend an estate agent. For a true idea of how hard they'd work to sell your property, you could even drop in to their office and pretend to be a buyer interested in properties like your own, to see how helpful the staff are. Visit the Moneyfacts website for more useful tips and advice.

Once you’ve chosen your selling agent, they will discuss with you the price you want for your property and offer their recommendations based on their knowledge of the local area and market conditions. This can be one of the most emotive and sensitive parts of the selling process, and it’s very important to be realistic when agreeing a price as well as establishing a level that you’re comfortable with.

For those keen to get deeper involved and gain some personal insight into local house prices, Rightmove offers a really useful and very user-friendly tracker which gives you a good view over time of average price trends and the number of properties sold over time in your postcode.

And of course, our friendly Sales Consultants are also extremely well-versed in all aspects of the home selling process and will be more than happy to provide you with information, guidance and recommendations throughout your selling experience. If you would like more information, make an appointment today with your Sales Consultant.