Read our top tips for green living!

Are you an Eco-conscious homeowner? It’s becoming more and more of a hot (and important) topic among households and across generations to have an awareness of your personal impact on the environment.

New build homes are inherently more efficient, and therefore more sustainable, than older properties. Our homes are built using timber frame, the most sustainable modern method of construction, and are fitted with energy-efficient hybrid heating systems to minimise heat loss. (Not only that but all our homes are finished to the highest standards and specifications.)

However, there’s an enormous range of innovative products and solutions now available to help you keep a greener home, from energy management technology to environmentally friendly toilet paper.

Read some of our top tips and recommendations!

Reduce your plastic waste.
Plastic pollution is perhaps one of the most critical environmental issues we face, and it’s easily tackled! Did you know that most disposable plastic items are typically used for five minutes and can then sit in landfill for hundreds of years? Go for reusable water bottles, take your reusable shopping bags to the supermarket and choose organic reusable food wraps instead of clingfilm. Biodegradable and compostable bamboo toothbrushes and disposable cutlery and cups are also now widely available and inexpensive.

Reduce your water use.
Take a look at to see what free water-saving packs are available in your area, such as an egg timer to stick to your shower wall to help you keep track of how long you’re spend in there (and therefore how much water you use). Also, don’t let the tap run while brushing your teeth!

Install an Energy smart meter or smart thermostat
Smart meters digitally send meter readings to your energy supplier for more accurate energy bills, and also come with in-home displays so you can track your real-time power usage and cost. Not only does this technology help you save money and better understand your energy usage, but it is also part of the wider effort to create a smart grid with the intention of providing low-carbon, efficient and reliable energy to Britain's households. Find out more about what options are available….

And switch things off!
Leaving appliances on permanent standby wastes power, and you also shouldn’t leave your chargers plugged in when not in use.

Keep in the heat
Our new homes have excellent standards of insulation and air tightness as well as high-performance windows and doors, but you can take easy steps to maximise heat retention, for instance by closing doors to little-used rooms, opening curtains during the day to let the sun warm your home and closing curtains at night to retain heat. Make sure that your curtains don’t block your radiators! Simple décor choices can also have an impact - Use rugs on laminate, tiled or wooden floors to help keep in the heat.

Grow your own
If you have the benefit of some outside space, why not try growing some of your own herbs, fruit and veg to cut out some of the need to transport produce to your home by lorry or car!

Harvest rainwater
Rainwater is naturally soft and chlorine-free, so it’s ideal for plants and ponds. It’s also great for washing the car. A simple water butt is an inexpensive addition to your garden, but more high-tech options are available.

Shop around
Make the effort to source environmentally-friendly household cleaning products and toilet paper, for example from Who Gives a Crap, which provides toilet paper that is not only responsibly sourced, but 50% of the company’s profits are donated to organisations improving access to hygiene, water and basic sanitation in developing countries.

Take a look at and for a huge selection of eco-friendly product for your home!