Mactaggart & Mickel’s new homebuyers seeking the good life

Family-owned housebuilder Mactaggart & Mickel are braced for a boom in demand for new homes from “people dreaming of a little more space” as they adapt to the so called ‘new normal’.

Mactaggart & Mickel’s sales teams have been bowled over by a surge in interest for properties in rural and suburban settings as homebuyers look to leave behind life in and around busy towns and cities in search of more spacious surroundings.

The Glasgow-based company reported the new trend as academics predicted many people will make a transition from residential heartlands in search of new homes which are better equipped for more blended ways of working that look set to become more common due to Covid-19.

Prof Michael White, an expert in real estate economics at Nottingham Trent University has predicted that many homebuyers will look for more suburban and rural properties when they have the freedom to work from home.

Rightmove and Zoopla have reported a notable change in the search terms used to find a new home, with a significant rise in the number of people searching for homes further from towns and city centres, seeking super-fast broadband, a larger garden and space for home.


Joanne Casey, Director at Mactaggart & Mickel, said: “We know from listening to our customers that they have been dreaming of being able to enjoy a little more space throughout the coronavirus pandemic.

“Lockdown has had a profound impact on the way many people work and the way they want to live and that has come to the fore among new homebuyers who want extra office space to do their jobs properly in comfortable surroundings with a nice garden to have fun and relax in.

“While the bright lights of towns and cities will always be appealing, we know tranquil rural and suburban locations can be a preferred option because they offer such a healthy mix. They’re good for the head and the heart because as well as easy access to the countryside and seaside they also boast ample room for working from home and lots of outdoor space.”

Quality of life was certainly a decisive factor for a young Scottish family who have decided to swap Glasgow’s fashionable West End area for a new home in South Ayrshire at Mactaggart & Mickel’s Kelso Gardens development in Symington.

Christine Bengtson, who will soon move to Symington with husband Stellan and their 14-month-old son Thorin, said: “We’ve been living in a lovely part of Glasgow but lockdown made us realise we would prefer a place with better home comforts.

“It was hard being stuck in a flat during in lockdown with our young son and with the communal garden being too busy to be socially distant, our bustling neighbourhood being even busier with people everywhere and the parks being closed we came to the conclusion we needed a new place to live.

“Now we’re looking forward to moving to Ayrshire which is near family and having a garden to have lots of outdoor fun and a place in a lovely part of the world where we’ve got the flexibility to continue to enjoy the benefits of working from home. It’s a win-win situation.”


Mactaggart & Mickel have now re-opened showhomes with a series of special measures designed to protect the health and safety of staff and customers against coronavirus.

The company have taken steps to combat coronavirus by offering customers virtual tours of new homes as well as adding special protocols to more traditional personal visits.

Safety measures include appointment-only visits, an enhanced cleaning regime to a high level of hygiene, two-metre social distancing protocols, protective screening in marketing suites and sanitisation stations.

Please click here to watch Laura MacKenzie, Mactaggart & Mickel Head of Sales and Marketing, outline important health and safety changes.