Finlay Wilson of the Kilted Yogis visits Stewart Gardens, Newton Mearns

If you’ve recently popped in to our stunning showhomes at Stewart Gardens in Newton Mearns, you may have bumped into Kilted yoga star and social media sensation Finlay Wilson!

Finlay dropped by for a visit to see our showhomes for himself and found a true sense of tranquillity and peace in their comfortable, stylish interior spaces.

As well as exploring our beautifully-designed showhomes and making the most of their high-quality fixtures and fittings in a variety of creative poses (check out our Instagram page to see for yourself!), Finlay also took the time to record an exclusive 30-minute beginners’ yoga class for all Mactaggart & Mickel yoga fans in the sumptuous living room of our 5-bedroom Lorimer showhome. Why not give it a try and follow along at home by clicking on the image below?

Even if you’ve never tried yoga before, you’ll find Finlay’s class simple to follow as he takes you through every step of a full yoga session, with tips on breathing and posture, as well as instructions and guidance for gentle twists, stretches and poses. Yoga has huge benefits to health and wellbeing, as it can help reduce pain and improve balance and flexibility, which can lead to decreased anxiety levels and improved sleep. Other benefits include the chance to build and maintain muscle mass.

Finlay has developed a devoted following in the yoga and online communities since shooting to fame in a viral clip by BBC Social in 2017 and now has over 80,000 followers on Instagram. Finlay’s unique approach to yoga involves stepping away from traditional exercise clothes - and environments - by practicing, kilted, in the outdoors and the natural surroundings of Scotland’s rugged landscape.

Why not create a yoga space in your own home? All you need is a suitable, available, room in your home and you can easily create the perfect sanctuary to focus on your wellbeing.

With an exercise mat and tablet or smart screen, you can connect to Finlay’s other online classes in your own time, as well as whole range of other home exercise options - however your choice of yoga outfit is entirely up to you!