How to stay healthy and well while in isolation or working from home

In these difficult times many of you will be experiencing an extended period of time at home at the moment – but why not take advantage of your new circumstances? Here are a few tips for staying productive, positive and making the most of your time at home in a healthy way.

Illustration by Michelle Parry

Breathing and stretching – Yoga at home is a fantastic low-impact form of exercise that takes minimal space and equipment. Online classes such as those from Finlay Wilson and the kilted yogis are available on Youtube and also on our own Mactaggart & Mickel Blog! (Click the image below to view). Make a daily yoga appointment for yourself and you will enjoy all the relaxation benefits for both your body and mind.

Going outside once a day – even light outdoors exercise in your garden will have an invigorating effect, help you to get away from your desk for a while and re-charge your mind. For those without outdoor space at home, exercise such as walking or running is equally beneficial, however you must adhere to the rules for social distancing as outlined here. (Guidelines current as of 26th Mar 2020)

Reading – are you an avid reader or one who likes to dip in-and-out of books? Either way, one bonus of so much extra time at home, while you’re not working, is uninterrupted reading time to get totally lost in a good story. also offers free audio books for children, as well as a fantastic selection for adults.

Making things – many of you will have a project that’s been at the back of your mind for ages that you’ve been meaning to make a start on … don’t miss the opportunity now! The possibilities are limitless for crafting, sewing, cooking, DIY and mending… Not to mention learning new skills… take a look at some amazing options for inexpensive online recreational courses suggested by Reed.

Two vital things that aren’t restricted just because you’re at home are music and dancing – take a break from work to have a living-room disco with your family and invite other guests virtually with the app House Party… 

Self-care is very important, particularly if you live alone – eat and sleep at regular times and take your time to make your bed each morning, get properly washed and dressed and eat well. Also, KEEP IN TOUCH with your colleagues, friends and family with Facetime and video chats.

Overall, practice mindfulness and STAY POSITIVE! Make sure you get some quiet time each day away from screens, phones and tablets and embrace the opportunities opened up by more free time… use meditation and consider all of the things that you’re grateful for.

Keep well!