Enjoy the Good Life With Mactaggart & Mickel

Mactaggart & Mickel are helping people find their feet, and their green fingers as the popularity of gardening and growing vegetables has exploded, thanks to a partnership with Goody Foody Gardens.

The idea of owning a thriving veg patch and just nipping out the back door to pick some lettuce, maybe some onions, possibly a few herbs is the dream for so many, with over 3 million people in the UK taking up gardening over the last year. However, with an overwhelming amount of information available on what to plant, where to plant it and all the expertise that goes into achieving results, getting started can seem an impossible task.

Taking the mental and physical load off is Goody Foody Gardens who provide vegetable growing boxes for beginners. Their expert team delivers and installs 'build-anywhere' starter kits with everything needed to grow vegetables in any garden, including a wooden raised bed, soil, plug plants and seeds, and accessories. 

Encouraging sustainability and inspiring people to grow food at home, Mactaggart & Mickel have installed Goody Foody Gardens’ veg. boxes at their showhomes at Lethington Gardens in Haddington, Greenan Views in Doonfoot and Stewart Gardens in Newton Mearns, showing house buyers and their clients that the good life can be for anyone.

Above: Goody Foody Garden veggie patch at Stewart Gardens, Newton Mearns

Below: Goody Foody Garden veggie patch at Greenan Views, Ayr

Joanne Casey, Director at Mactaggart & Mickel, said: “There is a real passion sweeping the country for growing vegetables, reducing waste and being more environmentally aware. Goody Foody Gardens make it easy for busy families who would love to grow their own food, but don’t know where to start or don’t have the time to learn what to do.”

Laura Molloy, Founder of Goody Foody Gardens, said: “As a working mum I share the same concerns as most parents of too much plastic food packaging and screen time, and not outdoors enough, all while trying to provide a healthy diet. So I fully understand the desire to grow your own, but also trying to fit that it into an already busy life.

Above: Laura Molloy at Lethington Gardens, Haddington 

“Not only do we install the boxes and plant the vegetables but our experts teach our clients how to grow veg and also visit four times a year for maintenance visits, so no-one is left in the lurch, just enjoying growing and eating their own veg.”

Joanne Casey, Director at Mactaggart & Mickel, added: “So many of our homebuyers have moved because they want more outside space that they can spend time in. The Goody Foody Gardens’ veg boxes are ideal for any size of garden and with sales of vegetable seeds outstripping flower seeds for the first time since WWII it’s something we’re keen to help support as much as possible.”

Six Mactaggart & Mickel residents from across their developments won a Goody Foody Gardens’ box as part of a competition run by the family-owned housebuilder and a free downloadable growing calendar is available at Goody Foody Gardens.