In January 2017, Adam Black and his wife Rachel moved from Mount Florida to their new 3-bedroom Gigha family home at the Polnoon development in Eaglesham. “We didn’t really think about moving into a new build until we visited Polnoon” said Adam. “We were running out of room in our tenement home and needed a space which was ideal for families and as soon as we entered the property, we fell for it."

Adam and Rachel were immediately drawn to the Gigha, a popular 3-bedroom property with generous accommodation space. The couple immediately felt settled in their new home and particularly enjoy the quality of the new build. “Our favourite room is the kitchen and dining room, which has large windows and lets in so much light. The space means we can be in the kitchen preparing dinner and still keep an eye on the boys whilst they play!

The new build ticked all the right boxes for the family, especially the village feel and community support they got from their neighbours. Nothing was too much for their new friends living in the adjourning builds, and they were inundated with help and support after Toby was born.

“It really is a paradise for young children,” said Adam. “The place is set-up for families; Samuel goes to a local playgroup every Friday and is always out with the other children on his scooter, there are play areas dotted across the development and such a great neighbourhood vibe.”

“From day one and moving, we knew we had made a great decision for our family, the customer service and support from Mactaggart & Mickel has been fantastic and the quality of our new home is second to none. We would recommend a new build to anyone thinking about a move.”

Adam & Rachel Black, Polnoon