• 1. Greener homes

    Our homes are built using timber frame, the most sustainable modern method of construction. We use high-performance double-glazed windows, fitted in a quality-controlled environment to optimise insulation and air tightness, and energy-efficient heating systems to minimise heat loss.

  • 2. Choice and flexibility at a fixed price

    Our developments feature a range of homes in different styles and sizes offering you flexible living with room for your family to grow and the space to work from home. Our homes are available at a fixed price, so there is no blind-bidding as in the case of buying a second-hand home.

  • 3. Be the first to call it home

    Every item in your new home, from the kitchen appliances to the bathroom fittings, will be brand new and out of the box fresh, giving you that extra piece of mind. Once you get your keys to your new home there is no need for a deep clean, just unpack, sit back and relax in your new surroundings.

  • 4. Location, location, location

    While many of our new homes come with a good sized garden for you to enjoy your very own bit of outdoor space, all our developments are located within a short drive to the countryside or coast, making mini-adventures within easy reach when you feel like a change of scene.  

  • 5. Flexible indoor and outdoor space

    The way we live our lives and the way we use our homes is constantly evolving. New homes are designed with modern living in mind and so provide flexible indoor and outdoor space to suit your needs. 

  • 6. Blank canvas

    Our new homes are a blank canvas for you to personalise to your own tastes; and if you choose our Platinum Package your new carpets and curtains will be in place for your moving-in day. Find inspiring home décor ideas on our Pinterest page.   
  • 7. Specification and warranty

    The specification of our new homes will be of a higher standard than that of most second-hand properties. All our homes carry a 10-year National House Building Council warranty and exceed the guidelines of the Consumer Code for Home Builders.
  • 8. Safety and less maintenance

    All our homes are fully compliant with Government legislation on the installation and location of smoke, heat and carbon monoxide alarms in residential properties. Since every element of your new home is brand new there will be no need for DIY or updating for some time to come.