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Why Buy New

There are many benefits to buying new Mactaggart & Mickel home over an older property - we’ve highlighted some of these below:

  • 1. Choice
    All of our developments feature a range of homes in different styles and sizes to cater to the varying needs of the buyers in the local areas
  • 2. Fixed Price
    All our homes are available at a fixed price, so there is no blind-bidding situation as in the case of buying a second hand home.
  • 3. Warranty
    All our homes carry a 10-year National House Building Council warranty and exceed the guidelines of the new Consumer Code for Home Builders
  • 4. Specification
    The specification of our new homes will be of a higher standard than that of most second hand properties
  • 5. Blank canvas
    Our new homes are a blank canvas for you to personalise to your own tastes; and if you choose our Platinum Package your new carpets and curtains will be in place for your moving in day
  • 6. Greener Homes
    Our homes come with advanced insulation, energy efficient heating systems and double glazed windows- so you could have lower fuel bill
  • 7. Less Maintenance
    Since every element of your new home is brand new there will be no need for DIY or updating

    Key Facts

    There could be savings of over £500 on fuel bills a year compared to other less energy efficient properties!
    Source: Building Research Establishment.

    Did you know that it is estimated to cost at least £22,000 to bring an old house up to the standard of a new home? By buying new you save on renovation costs and enjoy your weekends.

    The Herald Scottish Family Business Awards 2016 Commendation - HBF 2016 5 Star Home Builder Customer Satisfaction - WhatHouse? Award Winner 2017