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Guaranteed Buyer

Guaranteed Buyer

Our Guaranteed Buyer Plan has been designed to give you the added peace of mind that if your home is unsold 6 weeks before you are due to move into your new Mactaggart & Mickel home we will buy your property in part exchange at a previously agreed price.

  • Get a FREE valuation of your current property
  • Get FREE expert advice and support to sell your current property
  • Guaranteed Buyer
  • No Chain

How does Guaranteed Buyer Plan work?

  1. Step 1. You select your Mactaggart & Mickel Homes property.
  2. Step 2. We put you in touch with a Financial Advisor.
  3. Step 3. We approve for two estate agents to carry out valuations of your current property.
  4. Step 4. If your property is suitable for Part Exchange, the price at which we will buy your property is agreed. A selling price will also be agreed to enable you to try to secure an offer on your property.
  5. Step 5. You reserve your new Mactaggart & Mickel home.
  6. Step 6. You put your current property on the market with one of our approved estate agents.
  7. Step 7. If your home is unsold 6 weeks before your date of entry, we will buy your home in part exchange at the previously agreed price.

Speak to your Sales Consultant for more details!

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The Guaranteed Buyer Plan is not available in conjunction with any other offers. This offer is available on selected plots and developments. Terms and conditions apply. Participation in this offer is at the sole discretion of Mactaggart & Mickel Homes.

  • Frequently Asked Questions
    Who is this plan for?
    This plan is for homeowners who would like to try to sell their dependant property on the market first themselves with the back up of Part Exchange.
    When does Part Exchange kick in?
    If your dependant property is unsold 6 weeks prior to your move-in date to your new Mactaggart & Mickel home, we will buy your property at the preagreed Part Exchange price.
    Who decides the Selling Price and Part Exchange Price for my existing house?
    Client Tries to Sell Dependant Property - The agreed selling price for your existing home will be based on the recommendations of the Estate Agents. You would agree to accept an offer at, or over, the selling price or up to 5% less than this value. Part Exchange - We would make you a fair offer based on the valuations by the two estate agents for a successful sale within 6 weeks, subject to the Home Report. Both the selling price and Part Exchange offer would be provided to you prior to Reservation.
    When can I reserve my new Mactaggart & Mickel home?
    You can reserve your new Mactaggart & Mickel home once the selling price and Part Exchange price of your current property has been agreed. At this point you pay a £500 non-refundable reservation fee.
    How do I qualify for part exchange?
    Our Sales Consultants will go through the criteria for our Part Exchange with you, the main points are summarised below: • Your existing property must be within the Central Belt • The value of your property must be below 70% of the value of the new Mactaggart & Mickel home you wish to buy (up to a maximum of £225,000*) • You must be the owner of your current property • Your current property must have been your main or only residence for at least the last two years • The garden of your current property must be less than 0.5 hectares • Your new Mactaggart & Mickel Home must be intended for use as your main or only residence. • We must be satisfied of the suitability and saleability of your existing home. • Our offer of Part Exchange is dependent on satisfactory Home Report and title deeds.
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