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Top Tips For Moving House

27th February 2024 - Blog

The Sales Consultants from the Glasgow based housebuilder’s Greenan Views development in Ayr share their expert advice for a stress-free move.

Once you’ve selected your new home the thought of moving may seem overwhelming. It can feel like there is so much to do but simply not enough hours in the day to do it, which can leave us feeling stressed and unsure of what to tackle first. With this in mind, expert sales consultants at Mactaggart & Mickel’s Greenan Views development in Ayr have shared some of their top tips to make moving home as stress-free as possible.

Whether you’re about to take your first step on the property ladder or you're a dab hand at moving house, these tips will help take the drama out of your next big move.

Plan Ahead

Calendar with date circledDeciding on how you intend to tackle the move is a great way of giving yourself that feeling of control over what’s happening and breaking down exactly what needs to be done. Starting your schedule ahead of time will allow you to take things at your own pace, meaning you can take on one room at a time.

Loading the moving vanYou may also want to consider getting professional movers in to help streamline things – some services will even pack up your old home for you, which is a great solution if time is not on your side. It’s also a good idea to plan what you’re going to do on moving day: if you have children, can they help with the move or is it a good idea to arrange childcare? Can someone look after your pets for you until everything’s calmed down enough to gently introduce them to their new home?

Have a Clear Out

Woman decluttering her wardrobeWhen you start to pack up your home, you will be astonished by the number of things you find that you no longer need. Here at Mactaggart & Mickel, our properties have generous storage but there’s no point in moving lots of things into your brand new home only to decide that you don’t want them there. Having a clear-out before you start packing minimises what you need to pack away, and offers the chance for you to donate clothes, toys or gadgets you no longer use to families in need. Plus, you should consider what comes with your new home, such as built in wardrobes and integrated appliances, and sell things you no longer need.

Work Smarter

Organising your boxesAs tempted as you might be to pack bits and bobs as you come across them, packing one room at a time according to your plan will make your life easier in the long run, as will taking the time to label each box with its contents, which room it goes into, and whether or not it’s fragile.

Relaxing after the moveA top tip for moving clothes is to wrap bin bags around clothes on hangers or buy boxes with rails in them. We’d also recommend an ‘essentials’ bag to take with you on moving day with vital items in it like scissors, bin bags, tea, coffee, mugs, phone chargers, toilet roll, cleaning products, and of course, the all-important bottle of bubbly and some glasses when you finally get to celebrate!

Set Things Up in Advance

Let organisations know that you’ll be moving and require a change of address, to avoid any costly consequences when you realise months later that your driving licence still has your old address on it. This goes for anything from your insurance to your energy and internet providers to both your GP and dental practice.

Regional Sales Director, Liz Cleghorn said: “At Mactaggart & Mickel, we pride ourselves on our outstanding customer service that starts well before you get your keys and long after you’ve moved in.

“We know that buying a new home is serious business and our experienced sales team at Greenan Views are on hand to help take the stress out of moving, allowing you to focus on planning for your new dream home.”

Moving into a new build home is another way to reduce the stress of a move, as the beautiful new homes at Mactaggart & Mickel provide a fresh, blank canvas to work from. Situated in a peaceful coastal location, they boast a mix of  three, four and five bedroom family homes that are perfect for families, and now is a great time to buy with incentives available on selected plots. Built with what customers really want in mind, the homes contain integrated appliances, ample storage and contemporary fixtures.