“Loki is so special to us because we wanted a cat for such a long time but renting homes no matter how high the rent was, pets were never allowed,” Federica said. "But now finally owning our home has allowed us to adopt Loki and we really treat him like a son. Francesco loves him and it’s lovely to think they will grow up together."

“He shares the same name as Loki, the God of mischief in the Avengers and honestly his name reflects his personality perfectly. Loki is sweet but also funny and moody sometimes. He's the good 'bad guy' and we think he’s loving life here in Childrey Park as much as we are.”

The family had been living in Reading where they work before moving to Oxfordshire – and got more than they bargained for thanks to local amenities.

“We fell in love with our home the first time we saw it,” Omar added.

“It immediately felt Childrey Park was perfect for us because we were able to afford a lovely home in a really nice part of the world. Everything about our home is top-quality - it’s also very spacious and we love the way the kitchen and dining room come together. We’ve got an amazing home and a lovely garden for Francesco – who is named after Italian and Roma football legend Francesco Totti – to play soccer and for Loki to explore."

“The community is great here and there’s a brilliant Italian restaurant as well which is like icing on our cake.”

Omar, Federica and Francesco Badawy-Rinaldi, Childrey Park