To take advantage of this offer, when your friend first visits their chosen Mactaggart & Mickel development, all they need to do is present a completed “Recommend to a Friend” leaflet to the Sales Consultant, filled out with their contact details and yours. Our Sales Consultant will then countersign the leaflet and retain it on file.

If your friend goes on to reserve and then purchase a Mactaggart & Mickel home, we will be delighted to present you both with a cheque for £500. Subject to terms and conditions*.

CLICK HERE to download the “Recommend to a Friend” leaflet!

*Terms and conditions - The person that you recommend us to must present the completed ‘Recommend to a Friend’ leaflet when they first visit our sales office, in order for you both to be eligible to receive your £500 when they move in. The ‘Your Details’ section on the ‘Recommend to a Friend’ leaflet must be filled in by you, and ‘Your Friend’s Details’ must be filled in by the person to whom you are recommending us. Both parts must be signed. Our Sales Consultant will then countersign the completed leaflet and retain this on file. Once the person that you have recommended us to has purchased and moved into a new Mactaggart & Mickel home, we will then present you each with a cheque for £500.

Participation in this offer is at the sole discretion of Mactaggart & Mickel. To use ‘Recommend a Friend’ you must have legally completed on your Mactaggart & Mickel home. Your details will appear on the UK Disclosure of Incentives form under the section Introductory Fees. Your friend should be aware that some mortgage lenders may not accept cash incentives as part of their clients’ purchases such as the ‘Recommend a Friend‘ £500 which would be received after legal settlement. Please speak to your Sales Consultant for more details. Your friend’s financial advisor can advise them further.