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Homes Purchase Guide

You may be thinking about buying your very first home, or your first brand-new home, and therefore you may be unfamiliar with how the new home buying process works. So we've put together a Home Purchase Guide to assist you through your home buying journey. The full Home Purchase Guide is available from all our sales offices; in the meantime, we have pulled out some of the most frequently asked questions for your reference.

  • Pre-Reservation Stage
    What Information will I be given before reserving my new Mactaggart & Mickel home?
    Before taking your reservation we will go through the Pre-Reservation Checklist with you. This is a list of items for you to be aware of that will allow you to make a fully informed decision on your new home purchase. You will be shown all important working drawings covering everything from the position of the home you are buying, the size of your garden (where applicable) to your parking provision. We will also cover the specification of your new home from external finishes to the exciting finishes that you will be able to choose for yourself (where applicable) to personalise your new home, and details of our policies and procedures as well as the legal process involved in purchasing a new home.
  • Reservation Stage
    How do I reserve my new home?
    We will print the details of your chosen home on a Reservation Agreement. This Reservation Agreement gives all of the Plot details, price, expiry date of the Reservation, details of any appointed Factor and the estimated fees and float and a promise not to sell the home to anyone else while your Reservation period is running. At this stage you will be required to pay a Reservation Fee. This can be done by debit or credit card or bankers draft (please note we do not accept cash). The Reservation Agreement must then be signed by you and your Sales Consultant. You will receive a copy of the Reservation Agreement and we will keep a copy in your file on site.
    What happens after I pay my Reservation Fee?
    You have now secured your chosen home for a period of 14 days by paying the Reservation Fee and signing the Reservation Agreement. Within this period we expect you to confirm your commitment to buy the property by entering into a legally binding written agreement with us. To achieve this we will send the Purchase Pack to your solicitor – this will include wording of an offer to buy (Missives) your chosen home, a legal pack with electronic link to the Title Deeds, Draft Disposition and Draft Title Plan (the title pack) and other details pertinent to the sale of the home, including the Consumer Code for Homebuilders. Your solicitor will give you their legal advice on this. Your solicitor will also arrange with you for the offer to be completed and sent to us, ideally as soon as possible within the 14 day period. You should ensure that you make your solicitor aware of any verbal statements made during the Reservation process that you wish to have clarified or that you are relying on to take the purchase forward. Your solicitor should qualify these points with us in writing as part of the formal offer. Once we receive the offer we will send a letter to your solicitor, accepting the terms of the offer. When a letter of acceptance is sent concluding the bargain, the point is reached where you and Mactaggart & Mickel Homes Limited are both legally bound to complete the deal; on your part to pay the price when the house is completed and on our part to complete your chosen home. If your solicitors adjust the wording of the offer it is likely more time will be needed before the point is reached where there is a legally binding agreement. Not all adjustments will be accepted by us and any not suitable will be deleted or amended. In Scotland the legally binding contract is usually known as “the Missives”, or sometimes “the bargain” and reaching the point where there is a legally binding contract is known as “conclusion of Missives” or “concluding the bargain”. In these notes we will refer to the legally binding contract as “the Missives” and to “conclusion of Missives”. We will ensure that the Purchase Pack is sent to your solicitors on the day of your Reservation providing that you have given us your solicitor’s name and address. You should contact your solicitors immediately to make an appointment to sign the offer and ensure it is returned to us as soon as possible within the 14 day Reservation period. Your Reservation Fee will become your deposit on conclusion of Missives and will be deducted from the house price when you complete the purchase of your new home. This legal completion is known as the “Date of Entry” but can also be known as the “settlement date” (or settlement) or the “completion date” or (completion).
    What happens if I need longer than 14 days to sign my missives?
    If for any reason you cannot return the signed missives to us within 14 days your Reservation Agreement will automatically lapse and the home will be remarketed by us. If you wish to extend the Reservation Agreement period you must contact us and arrange to revisit your Sales Consultant. Your Sales Consultant will re-issue the Reservation Agreement showing the new expiry date and again both you and the Sales Consultant must sign this new form. Extensions to Reservation periods will be at the discretion of the Sales Consultant. If we have had no contact from you regarding an extension and the offer has not been signed and returned within the 14 days your Reservation Fee refund will be returned to you, less the Administration Fee detailed on your Reservation Agreement. The entry date of the home will continue to move out until such times as the missives are concluded.
    What happens if I have to cancel my Reservation?
    If you have a change of circumstances during the Reservation period then you, or your solicitor, should contact us and indicate an intention to cancel your Reservation. Your Reservation Fee will be refunded to you less the Administration Fee detailed on your Reservation Agreement.
    Will I be given an indication of my Date of Entry at Reservation stage?
    Yes! As soon as we release a Plot for sale we have an anticipated Date of Entry for it. This anticipated date will be inserted into your missives along with a long-stop date. However, this date will continue to move out for as long as the missives remain unsigned and the Customer Choices remain outstanding.
    When will I be given a more specific proposed Date of Entry?
    Once you have signed your missives and the contract has been concluded with your solicitor we will issue you with a firmer anticipated Date for Entry. This date will depend on you deciding and confirming to us, within the time limits we give you, your Customer Choices and any “Options” extra items you may wish to have fitted to your home. We ask at this stage for your full co-operation as without this we cannot complete your home in the timescale given. Your Customer Choices should be made and any “Options” extras chosen and paid for as soon as possible before our specified cut off dates for us to have your new home ready for the given anticipated Date of Entry. Any delay in choosing your Customer Choices will result in a delay of your anticipated Date of Entry. Your final, confirmed Date of Entry will only be set once the property has been inspected and passed by the local authority and the NHBC. Our solicitor will write to your solicitor confirming this and, under the terms of the missive you have signed, the date of entry will then be guaranteed.
  • Gold, Diamond and Platinum specifications
    What is included in the “GOLD” specification?
    Choose from our exciting on-site range of kitchen units and worktops and quality ceramic tiling finishes to bathrooms, WCs and ensuites. Selected kitchen appliances are also included as standard and additional appliances are included on certain developments and home styles; please ask your Sales Consultant for further details.
    What is included in the "DIAMOND" specification?
    In addition to the Gold specification, a choice of carpets and vinyl is included from our range on site, fitted for your entry date, presenting your new home in 'move in' condition.
    What is included in the “PLATINUM” specification?
    In addition to the Diamond specification, a choice of curtains/blinds is also included from our range on site, fitted for your entry date, presenting your new home in “move in” condition. Make the most of our “one-stop-shop” and imagine the convenience of choosing the finishes for your home without having to trawl around local retailers.
    What are “OPTIONS”?
    We offer an extensive range of additional “Options” to allow you to customise your new home. These will be fitted to your new home prior to your entry date, ensuring you have a hassle-free move into your new home – giving you a convenient and reliable service you should come to expect from us. Please ask your Sales Consultant for further details; more information is also available under the “Key Features” tab on each development’s page. PLEASE NOTE that restrictions may apply to the availability of both Options and Diamond and Platinum finishes for individual homes, dependent on the build stage.
  • Customer Choices and ‘Options’
    When will I be asked to choose the internal finishes for my new home?
    Within one week after conclusion of Missives you will be invited to come and make your Customer Choices and “Options”. As the build programme of your plot progresses there will be less opportunity to choose your “Options” extras, this is why we ask that you consider these at the earliest stages of purchase and why we give you a cut off date by which to complete these. A full list of the “Options” available are included at the rear of this pack. We regret that we are unable to offer items not included on the Options List. We would advise that you set aside at least two hours to complete your Customer Choices at our Sales Office and we would suggest that you bring items from your old home with you to help you match your choices – kitchen accessories, bathroom towels, or if you are purchasing a “Platinum” home where we provide curtains and carpets, you may wish to bring along a cushion from your sofa or other items so you can make a good match. If you choose to have “Options” fitted then your Sales Consultant will complete the necessary paperwork and ask you to sign and date it. You will also be asked to pay for your “Options” when you request them. No “Options” will be ordered or fitted until payment has been made. If “Options” are not requested or paid for prior to the cut off date then we will no longer be able to offer you this service. Any delay in choosing your Customer Choices will result in a delay in your anticipated Date of Entry. We will send you reminder letters during this process, but if you fail to make your Customer Choices and your unfinished home is delaying the build sequence for the entire development, we will have no option but to make your Customer Choices for you and have them fitted to your home, to keep your home and the other homes on site on programme. The further in to the build programme your home becomes, the opportunity to purchase certain Options diminishes (electrical items for instance).
  • Quality
    How can I be assured that my new home will be built to a high quality and standard?
    Mactaggart & Mickel Homes Limited work to a very strict quality control system and each stage of the build process is inspected by the site management team and “signed off” as part of our Mactaggart & Mickel Standards (our system of creating continuity, with excellence, in the construction process). As part of the NHBC Warranty, Mactaggart & Mickel Homes Limited give you a twoyear builder’s warranty. During this two-year period you will have the opportunity to have any remedial items attended to (snagging items). Your Sales Consultant will be in regular contact after your Date of Entry and will ensure that these items are attended to on your behalf. Shortly before your Date of Entry, when your property is completed, your Sales Consultant and Site Manager give the house a final, detailed Mactaggart & Mickel Standards Quality Check to ensure that your new home will be in perfect condition for your Date of Entry. Prior to your entry, the local authority Building Control Officer will also inspect your home and will check that it is ready for occupation. Your solicitor will be informed in writing by our solicitors that the home has passed its inspection and a copy of the Certificate of Completion/ Occupation, to be issued by Building Control to us, will be forwarded to your solicitor as soon as we receive it in due course. Your new home is NHBC registered and you will receive a full Ten Year Buildmark Cover. Buildmark is the insurance cover given by the NHBC on your newly built home. Mactaggart & Mickel Homes Limited are registered NHBC builders and we pay the cover premium on your behalf when we register your plot at the start of construction. The NHBC inspector will regularly visit the development and will inspect and “sign off” milestone stages of the construction. The Inspector will also visit prior to your anticipated Date of Entry and check the home one final time and will issue a Buildmark Cover Note to confirm your home is complete and meets with NHBC Standards. A copy of the Buildmark Cover Note issued by the NHBC will be forwarded to your solicitor prior to your Date of Entry. Once your new home has passed muster with the Sales Consultant, Site Manager, the Local Authority and NHBC it has its inspection from a Mactaggart & Mickel Homes Director for a final seal of approval. Full details of the cover you receive and useful information on running in your new home can be found in the NHBC’s “Guide to Your New Home”, a copy of which will be found in the handover pack you will receive on your Date of Entry. We would strongly advise you to read this at the earliest opportunity after your Date of Entry. If you wish to read this NHBC booklet prior to your Date of Entry, please do not hesitate to ask your Sales Consultant for a copy of this booklet.
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