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Preparing your home for the winter months

14th December 2022

As the temperature drops it’s important to prepare your home for the winter months, especially as it is possible for the water in your pipes to freeze. This is an inconvenience for you and increases the chance of a pipe splitting as water expands as it freezes putting unnecessary strain on the pipe.

The safest way to protect your home from frozen pipes is to keep the home heated above 7 degrees as a minimum. To further reduce the risk, you can insulate your exposed pipes, like the condensate pipe which carries wastewater from the boiler to the drainage system, with inexpensive pipe lagging that can be fitted easily and picked up in most DIY stores. 

If you suspect a frozen pipe, the first thing to do is to locate it. It’s likely to be pipes that are located on the outside of your property. Be sure to check the pipes in cooler areas of the home, like the loft and garage, as well.

Once the frozen pipe has been identified, slowly pour warm, but never boiling, water over the pipe, or use a warm compress.

Also be sure to turn your outside tap off. You do this by shutting off its valve (most likely found underneath your kitchen sink) and then turning the tap on from the outside allowing excess water to leave the pipe.

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